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Well done for working with Stories!https://www.storyjumper.com/files/worksheet.pdf


Father and Son

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Youth cultures

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Theme:1  Survivors’ Account Them 2 Survivors’ account 2 Theme 3: Abandoned Bodies Theme 4: Titanic at 100…mystery solved Theme 5: First Largest ship In the World Ever Built – BBC Documentary Theme 6: Treasure Hunting on the Titanic (Full Documentary) Theme 7: Was One Person Responsible for the Titanic Disaster? and The Real Story : Why the Titanic Really Sank and […]


Christmas is here!

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Christmas exercises for clever students…have fun! Christmas Crossword All I want for Christmas is you Headset/listen Christmas trees tradition  Headset! listen The legend of the Christmas Spider Interview your mate! Interview Learn English Christmas Songs Headset/listen Driving home for Christmas  Headset/listen Interview your mate! Reading and Listening Exercise How to host a Christmas Dinner! Christmas Verbs!


Amish webpages about the Amish way of living

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1. Amish Culture 2. Holiday among the Amish 3. Rumspringa


Amish in a few words

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Something strange happened!

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  Write a UFO story about an event that you witnessed in May 2013. – Tell who you are and what you do in your everyday! – Describe what you saw and did! – How did the event influence your future life/way of thinking? 350-450 words


First space trip though Gagarin’s eyes

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Web page: First Flight..


New Technology

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New Technology

Social Networks

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social net-working discussion Study: facebook narcissists Facebook Rise in social media abuse Unwired Kids Statement from the the Internet: I deleted my facebook yesterday. You only have one life, why are you going to waste it on facebook, your virtual world. Instead of living your REAL life, going out with REAL friends, not posting up […]


Internet addiction BBC

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Link: Smartphones–BBC 1. Find information on the subject…web addiction..game addiction state your opinion …. 2. How common is hacking…find examples… 3. discuss aspects about reality TV…pro and cons…based on your reading/articles/wb Minor Feature 4 aspects of Social Media and famous people: a. Portrait of Facebook why who how….pros and Cons b. Portrait of Google why […]



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Web quest

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Planet  Webquest The Introduction You are an astronaut on a mission to another planet in our solar system. You will join a crew to gather information about your destination. When you become experts, you will voyage to this planet. After exploring it, you will contact Mission Control on Earth by cyber postcard to communicate your […]


School Shooting

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School shooting 1 School Shooting 2‘ School Shooting 3 School Shootings 4


Teen Tribes

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Teen Tribes mosher Moshers: feel no need to justify themselves to others,generally loving and friendly but have a tendancy to hate chavs and townies(can ya blame em?), wear the clothes they want 2 wear, not what others percieve as fashion or “cool”, like badges alot. listen to a mixture of punk,rock and metal. as they […]


Website Review

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A.Translate the following 1.Hvem henvender siden sig til? 2. Indhold – er oplysningerne objektive, korrekte og aktuelle? 3.Troværdighed, fx hvem står bag websiden: Firma, offentlig institution, privat person, interesseorganisation. 4.Er der mulighed for at komme i kontakt med udgiveren? 5.Brugervenlighed: navigation, læsbarhed, skrifttyper og typografier 6. Design: farver, billeder og grafik 7.Anmeld siden med op […]


Social Networking..Why..

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Augmented reality, gadgets and apps

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Se Film English’ flotte undervisningsmateriale..til augmented reality.. Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo. Gadgets and apps, augmented realities and the future…. 1. Gadgets Which gadgets have you got or would like to have? If you could invent a new gadget what would it do? 2.  Aps (abbreviation, application) What do you think an app called Sight might […]


Stand by me

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New link to stories..read aloud!

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English Stories read aloud

Eerie scary stuff under topics 7 tilføjet

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Her kan du finde link til Ghost stories…og link til “How does the body react to fear?”…godt website med alt om børns helbred etc. fx Bullying, fear, food med lydfiler og oplæsning.     Klik på topics 7..vælg ghost stories og find en historie. Læs og vælg 5 svære ord til din Notebook..forbered et resume! […]


Crazy dog!

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Se flere under enjoy!



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TEACHER: What is the chemical formula for water? SARAH: “HIJKLMNO”! TEACHER: What are you talking about? SARAH: Yesterday you said its H to O!


School Portrait!

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School Portrait (2011) from Michael Berliner on Vimeo. Opgaver til filmen findes under Link_2 film English!

Nyheder januar!

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Tilføjet Read and Answer (læsetekst med opgaver), The American Dream, samt modal verber. Til Links_9 er der føjet ny kategori om Poetry inspiret af sitet http://film-english.com/ ..fantastisk!  


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BritLit Each BritLit resource kit contains a range of downloadable materials to help teachers using literature in the English language classroom.  You can find a range of materials based around the works of various authors. Find out more about the BritLit project. Ligger under link 1


Music Starter

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Our Kind of Music 1. My Favourite Piece Medbring dit yndlingsnummer til engelsktimen. Nummeret spilles (delvist), og du gennemgår det for klassen, fortæller lidt om band/sanger, forklarer svære ord og begrunder dit  musikvalg. Medbring sangens tekst til de andre, evt. billeder af sanger/gruppe. 2. Star Report Forbered en kort præsentation af jeres yndlingssanger eller -gruppe for klassen og […]

Notes on…Heads Up English….super site!

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Welcome to Heads Up English. Here you’ll find complete ESL lesson plans, ESL materials, and most everything you need for beginners, lower intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced English students. The free materials and printables are real, relevant, and readily applicable – no printables or activities which practice English just to practice English



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